Our Team

Are you looking for help in your pastoral ministry? Is your spouse looking for someone to come alongside her / him during your coaching? We are prepared to help you address the personal and congregational challenges associated with pastoral ministry, especially those pastors preparing for change.

For more information on our pastoral coaching, reach out to us through the contact page.


Terry Weyman

Lead Pastor @ GFN Church

Has pastored for 26 years in South Carolina, Ohio, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. He has served as District NYI President, Regional NYI President, ENC Trustee, District Finance Chair, District Advisory Board and various other boards, committees and community agencies.

“Terry is a wise and gifted pastor with a passion for investing in emerging leaders. A missional strategist who understands the complex dynamics associated with change in the local church, Terry also realizes the importance of the leader growing alongside the ministry. He helps leaders become more effective.” --Dr. Eddie Estep, Kansas City Nazarene District Superintendent


Sara Matson

Associate Pastor @ GFN Church

Has pastored for 5 years in South Carolina and Illinois. Previously Sara was an elementary teacher. Has served the church through camps, women’s and discipleship ministries.



Wife, Mom, Bookkeeper @ Sunshine Learning Center



Husband, Dad, Assistant Admin @ Sunshine Learning Center