More than rage

It seems like Christians love to rage. I get that it is easy and it makes us feel better inside but I think we can do more than rage.

New York just launched a new bill that has life and death implications for the unborn of the state. My social media feed has been filled with people talking about how awful the law is by quoting what others have said about the law. Is the law awful? Not only that, it is reprehensible. However, we can do more than rage when the latest law is passed. What can we do?

  1. Read the law yourself. Don’t take what others say about it as truth. The first thing I did was go to the NY Senate website and read the law. We do our cause a disservice when we speak without first hand knowledge about a subject. I was burned on this once. Don’t be a casualty of misinformation.

  2. Contact your elected officials. It doesn’t matter if the event is in your state or not. Contact them because it may be helpful for other states who consider doing the same to know that there will be a very unhappy voting block if your state tries to do the same thing.

Now, we have done the easy part. Following Jesus is about taking up a cross. If you want to have more than a correct view on an issue and want to reflect on Christ well, do more than rage.

  1. Serve at a shelter for abused and neglected women. These women need unconditional love because many in these shelters have never seen what love looks like. Do more than rage.

  2. Adopt a single pregnant woman who is considering abortion. Tell her you are with her for the long haul. If she needs a room, open your home when appropriate to do so. She will need clothes, support, encouragement and love. What would have happened to the woman caught in adultery if those who held a stone did more than drop it and walk away? Do more than rage.

  3. Adopt a kid whose mom has a supportive family but is alone in her struggle. Be the male role model who loves the child and helps the child know the love of the Heavenly Father. Do more than rage.

  4. Serve at a crisis pregnancy center. Do more than rage.

  5. Be involved in helping foster parents and even consider being a foster parent. We have had a son from China for three years and he has changed our lives. It isn’t a foster situation but it has opened our eyes to what happens when we love kids who are not our biological kids. Do more than rage.

  6. Adopt. Yes, this is costly too. Following Jesus is costly. Do more than rage.

  7. Be a part of the local church that creates a safe space for people who have committed sin to find forgiveness, grace and peace in Christ. Be a person who invites those who live with the pain of past choices to your table where friendship and love can be found. Do more than rage.

I have done some of the things on my list but not all of them. I probably should do more. If those who follow Christ willl collectively do more than rage we will be far better off tomorrow than we are today. Let’s do more than rage. Let’s go love someone in need today.